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It is difficult to know what to do when one has been in a motor vehicle collision or otherwise injured.

Here are some points that are important to keep in mind if you should find yourself in such a situation.

  1. Try to remain calm. Often times pain and discomfort does not occur immediately after the collision or personal injury but happens one or two days later.

    It is important to:

  2. Obtain necessary information. You will need the name of the person you were involved in the collision with and his or her motor vehicle insurance company. The names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses should if possible be obtained.

    It is important to:

  3. Note as precisely as possible the location of your collision or injury taking into consideration any landmark.

    It is important to:

  4. Seek out medical attention as soon as possible. This may depend on the circumstances including an emergency room at a hospital via ambulance, or on a walk-in basis, and/or it may include a visit to any health care professional who can assist you to overcome your medical condition.

    It is important to:

  5. Take photos of the damaged motor vehicle, and the location of the place where the incident occurred. If a motor vehicle was involved and was damaged it is likewise important to get an appraisal done to said motor vehicle.

    It is important to:

  6. NOT sign any documents or give any statements to the insurance companies without consulting an attorney.

    It is important to:

  7. Seek out and hire an experienced personal injury attorney who not only understands the idiosyncrasies of the Massachusetts "No Fault" motor vehicle law, but one who will explain the entire process and will fight for all you are entitled to.

REMEMBER any attorney you hire works for you! Attorney Wallman is here to assist you and make you feel comfortable throughout this process. If you need advice for your business call me at 978-531-8100 or use this easy contact form.

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